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Cleveland Browns - List of Undrafted Free Agents Reportedly Signed

The NFL Draft might be over, but the fun hasn't ended yet. The media, along with the players themselves, are reporting on the undrafted free agents who teams are trying to sign. After the jump is a list of players who have been rumored to have been contacted and signed by the Browns:

List of Cleveland Browns Undrafted Free Agents (Reports May Contain Inaccuracies)

  • WR Josh Cooper - Oklahoma State - 5-11, 190 lbs. He was on the receiving end of passes by Brandon Weeden, selected by the Browns in round one. says he is crafty and could work as a slot guy, but could have trouble getting open at the next level. (Source)
  • WR Bert Reed - Florida State - 5-10, 182 lbs. He was officially clocked with a 4.46 (not at the combine), but several scouts reported him being in the 4.3's. In other words, he's got some speed. (Source)
  • WR Jermain Saffold - Missouri State - 6-0, 195 lbs. He also has some pretty good speed, reportedly, to go along with better size. (Source)
  • OG J.B. Shugarts - Ohio State - 6-7, 300 lbs. He has some good strength, but "struggles to gain leverage and keep his balance in both the run and pass game." What do you think, Buckeye fans? (Source)
  • OT Matt Cleveland - Idaho - 6-3, 293 lbs. Buy his jersey; I guarantee you that its face value won't decline very much, even if he gets cut right away! (Source)
  • OT Jake Anderson - Akron - 6-6, 304 lbs. (Source)
  • OL Garth Gerhart - Arizona State - 6-1, 305 lbs. He is the brother of RB Toby Gerhart. Projected to go in the middle rounds, says, "Gerhart is a high-effort, big-motor player who has the frame to compete for a starting position at the next level." (Source)
  • DL William Green - Florida - 6-3, 250 lbs. Yes, you are reading that correctly -- the Browns once again have a guy named William Green on their team. YOUR OLD GREEN JERSEYS HAVE VALUE AGAIN! (Source)
  • ILB Josh Linam - Central Florida - 6-2, 242 lbs. Reports say he gives a lot of effort, but isn't real explosive in any facets of the game. (Source)
  • LB Andrew Sweat - Ohio State - 6-1, 231 lbs. He led the Buckeyes at the linebacker position tackles. He reportedly had an "outstanding" Pro Day workout. (Source)
  • FS Johnson Bademosi - Stanford - 6-1, 201 lbs. He could either be a cornerback or a developmental safety. Per NFLDraftScout, "Perhaps the most intriguing was Bademosi, who was clocked at a startling 4.35 on his first 40 attempt and also demonstrated incredible explosiveness in the vertical (40") and broad jump (10'5")." Note: earlier reports said the 49ers were going to sign him, so stay tuned with this one.
  • FS Tashaun Gipson - Wyoming - 5-11, 206 lbs. called him extremely productive, making the switch from CB to S at the end of his senior year. They say he "has fourth-round value based on his ability to play safety and cover well in nickel packages." (Source)
  • CB Abtwuan Reed - Pittsburgh - 5-10, 188 lbs. According to, Reed "is an all-around player who is reliable to make a tackle but won't make many special plays." (Source)
  • CB Emanuel Davis - East Carolina - 5-10, 194 lbs. Per, Davis "had an up-and-down career at East Carolina, but he has good speed and at times displayed the skills that make him worthy of a late-round draft pick." (Source)
  • CB Mike Allen - James Madison - 6-0, 185 lbs.