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Illinois High School Under Investigation After Colt McCoy's Visit

What have you done McCoy? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!
What have you done McCoy? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!

Here's a little bit of news that deviates from the repetitive discussion of the draft: according to an article on FOX News, an Illinois high school is under investigation after Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy paid them a visit last month. How could a simple visit from an NFL player spark an investigation?

Ken Leonard, athletic director and football coach at Sacred Heart-Griffin in Springfield, said McCoy, the starting signal caller for the Cleveland Browns, visited the school on March 13 while in town for the annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes banquet. While at the school, McCoy "threw the ball around a little bit" to several students, including football player Malik Turner, prompting a complaint to the Illinois High School Association about whether the workout represented an illegal, off-season practice for the Cyclones.

An awesome deed like this by McCoy should not warrant a punishment. Hopefully the investigation is just a formality, because this is the type of experience that students should leave school with positive memories of.

"I take the blame if there's any punishment, but we didn't do it with the intent to gain any advantage," Leonard continued. "We did it for a life experience. He talked to them about life and prayed with them. We need more male role models like Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow, that's what's important. Football had nothing to do with it."

Per the article, McCoy was unable to be reached for contact on the matter.