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Report: Trent Richardson Imposter Was Tweeting

Is that really you, Richardson?
Is that really you, Richardson?

Some Cleveland Browns fans were warming up to comments made on Twitter the past few days that were believed to come from Alabama running back Trent Richardson. Those comments included things like the following:

"Had a great time in Cleveland. Its in God's hands now"
"Love the brownie mascot. Bring back the elf"
"Got no idea where I'm gonna be next year. Just a hat I got on my visit"
"My favorite color Brown, no pun intended"

Those tweets were made over a span of four days, which made it seem like Richardson really wanted to be a Brown. While that still might be the case, that belief should not be dependent on those tweets. According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, this is another case of an imposter taking advantage of Twitter:

The account -- @trentrich03 -- has more than 16,000 followers, but is fake, according to Josh Maxson, an associate communications director for the University of Alabama's athletic department.

"It is not real," Maxson wrote in an e-mail to the Beacon Journal. "Trent does not have a Twitter (account) and isn't planning on getting one."

I didn't second-guess the account when I first read about one of his tweets, but I also thought it was a little unusual to speak out so openly about a team prior to the draft. Granted, the imposter didn't go overboard with "omg I gotta play with Cleveland in 2012" in an individual tweet, but dropping "hints" over several days did seem a bit over-the-top.