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Daily Dawg Chow (5/1/12)


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Is Richardson, Browns a 'bad marriage'?" (AFC North Blog) - "As many of the loyal readers of the AFC North blog know, I believe the Cleveland Browns made the right move in draft running back Trent Richardson. The Browns need an offensive playmaker, and Richardson was clearly the top one remaining after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III."
  • "Trent Richardson has Emmitt Smith in his corner" (Beacon Journal) - "For Trent Richardson, the pressure of following in Emmitt Smith’s footsteps was inescapable. Richardson tried to carve his own path while playing running back at Escambia High School, which produced all-time NFL rushing leader Smith."
  • "McCoy's shortcomings exacerbated by lackluster Browns" (Plain Dealer) - "Part of the appeal of Colt McCoy is the name. 'Colt' actually is just his nickname. But Daniel, his given name, doesn't summon the same frontier connotations of broad horizons and fresh possibilities. Ki-yi-yippee-yippee-yay. Just hearing the name Colt McCoy made you think of Gordon McCrae singing 'Oh, What a Beautiful Morning' in 'Oklahoma!'"
  • "Scott Petrak reflects on the Browns’ 2012 draft" (Chronicle-Telegram) - "I have a confession to make. I woke up Sunday morning with a hangover. Not too many draughts. Too much draft. Three long days of upsides, 40 times, arm lengths, hand sizes and comments about hip-flipping, shed-and-stacking and position flexibility can take a toll on a guy. I can’t imagine how Browns general manager Tom Heckert feels after four months of it."


  • "Bills WR Johnson to have minor groin surgery" (AP via Yahoo! Sports) - "Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson is scheduled to have what his agent described as 'very minor' surgery to repair a groin injury that nagged the player for most of last season."
  • "Redskins miss the mark in the draft" (ESPN) - "Now that the draft is over, we turn from projections to performance. Not every prospect will pan out. Not everyone will make an opening day roster. There are 129 days until the New York Giants kick off the season against Dallas on Sept. 5. Teams and players have a lot of work to do between now and then."
  • "Yet again, draft provides no shortage of stories to talk about" ( - "So what were 39.6 million people doing over the weekend? Watching the draft. At least one minute of it, according to NFL numbers released Sunday. I won't cover all three days of it here. Instead, I'll pick and choose the things that most interested me, and then ... well, let's just get it going. There's so much to say."
  • "Head of Saints bounty probe submits resignation letter" (PFT) - "As the football-following world continues to wait for the league office to levy discipline against the Saints players involved in the three-year bounty system, the story that has had more than a few twists and turns now has yet another."