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Grossi: Shurmur Says Brown Jerseys Likely to be Worn in 2012

In a report by ESPN Cleveland's Tony Grossi, Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur indicated that the team should wear brown jerseys during the 2012 season after wearing white jerseys for all 16 games in 2011. The Browns couldn't help it last year on the road games, since other home teams chose to wear their dark jerseys. Where they can make a difference this season is at the home games:

Shurmur confirmed the Browns are contemplating breaking up the home season into four games with brown jerseys and four with white. Different regimes have done that before. The final decision will rest with President Mike Holmgren, Executive Vice President Bryan Wiedmeier and Shurmur.

We saw the brown jerseys modeled at the Nike unveiling event a couple of weeks ago, and fans were calling for the brown jerseys after not seeing them all of last year. In rookie minicamp, defensive players wore white jerseys while offensive plays wore brown jerseys.

Hat tip to crazyL80 for posting about this as a FanShot.