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Shurmur Praises TE Jordan Cameron; Did he Bulk Up?

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We're going to milk this luncheon for everything that head coach Pat Shurmur talked about. One of the topics that was brought up was the production of the tight ends, specifically how Benjamin Watson was after landing on the injured reserve with a concussion last year. Then, based on the context of the article at the Akron Beacon Journal, it would seem as though Shurmur, unsolicited, decided to talk about tight end Jordan Cameron, a fourth-round pick from 2011 who only caught 6 passes for 33 yards.

"The guy that looks way different is Jordan Cameron," Shurmur said. "Oh, gosh -- the size -- and he’s had a great offseason. He’s a guy that hadn’t played much football, so I think he’ll make a big improvement this year."

The Browns worked Cameron into the lineup last year after injuries to other tight ends. I'd like to think that Cameron is going to come on and be a "beast" all of a sudden, but there still seems to be a logjam at the position. If Watson is still the starter, he is going to eat up a lot of snaps. We all know about the potential I think Evan Moore still has. Alex Smith was the team's most-favored blocking tight end last season. The team kept four tight ends last year, but what if they decide to keep two fullbacks this year (i.e. Owen Marecic and Brad Smelley)?

The thing that stands out is that Shurmur mentioned Cameron's size. I'm guessing the guy didn't get taller in the offseason, so does that mean he really bulked up? Last year, Cameron was listed as being 6-5, 245 lbs. Not including Dan Gronkowski, he weighed less than the other three tight ends on the roster. Maybe the coaching staff gave Cameron a mission to bulk up this offseason and try to beat out Smith during the offseason programs. It'll be interesting to see how Cameron looks when full squad camps commence soon.