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Thorman: High Praise for Trent Richardson at Rookie Premiere

Joel Thorman, one of our editors at SB Nation, attended the NFLPA Rookie Premiere in LA this past weekend. He just published a column reflecting on a few players who stood out. One of the rookies who made an instant impression was the Browns' Trent Richardson.

Trent Richardson is another favorite

Trent Richardson is very impressive as well. SB Nation interviewed him on Friday, and he was somewhat soft-spoken but he surprised me with a couple of things. First, that Leukemia survivor he took to her Senior Prom? He said if his schedule allows it he's going to try to make it to her graduation as well. Second, SB Nation asked him what he was going to do when his NFL money started coming in and he said he was going to make sure his mother, who has cancer, has the best doctors in the world.

Richardson also had a money line when he said that he ran angry in college -- "I'm not changing anything in the NFL."

When he made it to the Rose Bowl the next day for his trading card photo shoot, he was outgoing, personable and interacting with the other players.

I had no idea the depth of Richardson's character. It was eye-opening when you consider he's just 20 years old.

Thorman encountered many of the rookies during the weekend, and he will be responding to any questions you have at the link above.