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Hensley: Joe Thomas the Division's Top Lineman, but No Mention of Mack

ESPN AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley is in the process of looking at the top five players in the division at each position. For offensive line, he lumped all linemen together, since he'd be listing everyone if he distinguished by individual positions across the line. The list would have definitely been a farce if Joe Thomas was not at the top. Luckily, Hensley had some common sense and gave Thomas the top spot, but he still gave him a backhanded review:

1. Joe Thomas, Browns offensive tackle: He's the most talented lineman in the division and he'll be motivated after a below-average season, at least by Thomas' standards. He allowed a career-low 3.5 sacks, according to Pro Football Weekly, but he was flagged a career-worst six times for false starts. When Thomas is on top of his game, few can beat him.

Hensley was a bit ridiculous with the rest of his offensive line rankings. Not only was Pouncey called the "most gifted center in the league," but Alex Mack was left off the list in favor of David DeCastro, who hasn't even played a snap for the Steelers.

5. David DeCastro, Steelers guard: I know, putting a rookie in the top five seems absurd. But it's not too far out of the box when you consider he's the best guard to come out of the draft since Steve Hutchinson in 2001.