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Tony Grossi Interviews Jim Brown Regarding Trent Richardson

Tony Grossi published a piece this morning about a phone interview he had with Cleveland Browns legend Jim Brown on Wednesday. The purpose of the interview was to serve as a follow-up to Brown's remarks about the Browns' third overall pick of the draft, running back Trent Richardson. The day of the draft, but before Cleveland selected Richardson, Brown made some headlines by stating that he felt Richardson was just an "ordinary" back.

Grossi had a pretty compelling interview with Brown, as Brown explained the lack of superstar qualities he sees in Richardson. He also touched upon the at-odds relationship he still has with Mike Holmgren, in response to a question from Grossi as to whether or not his opinion on Richardson was due to his current relationship with the organization.

Here's the part about Holmgren:

"Browns fans believe you’re a bitter man and that’s why you’re saying these things about Richardson," Grossi said to Brown.

"That’s so petty and so ridiculous," Brown replied. "Anyone that thinks that I’m a guy that goes around bashing anybody … I (criticized) a lot of people in my career … I talked about Tiger Woods (before his scandal) and challenged him, and O.J. (Simpson), because of certain hypocrisy. But the Browns speak for themselves.

"What have I said about the Browns other than the fact that Richardson is an ordinary back? There’s so much I could say. So you tell all those people that want to look at me, look at what you’ve got. You’re sitting on a mess. You’ve got a guy that doesn’t give interviews except in other cities. I ask all the people in Cleveland, do you get the impression that Mr. Holmgren wants to be there? If you do, then tell me."

Regarding his comments on Richardson specifically:

"When you think of greatness and the great backs, they all had some individual traits that you can identify – quickness, balance, power, speed," Brown said. "I think the kid is a good working back, and if you’ve got everything else around him he can play his role. But when it comes to outstanding, I don’t see anything outstanding about him. It’s not said in a cruel manner. He’s very efficient, and that’s what you want."

I asked on what Brown is basing his observations.

"I’m basing them on highlights, and highlights show the best of you," he said. "But here’s the deal, he can change everything that I’ve said."

Be sure to check out the entire article by Grossi.