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Cleveland Browns Caption Contest (5/27): Peyton Hillis


First off, my apologies to pwndabear for featuring a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers front-and-center on a Browns blog, even if it was just a caption contest. I hope he'll forgive me for featuring the Steelers at the top of Around the AFC North too, but I won't hold my breath.

It looked like Brownie's Year was going to win the previous caption contest with simplicity, but all of a sudden, Scenery came through with yet another top-notch caption to come away victorious. With only three caption contests being held so far, Scenery already has a big advantage over most members. Will anyone be able to conquer him? Here is his most recent winner:

Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison stretches in preparation to eat the pancakes he hears Cleveland’s Joe Thomas is bringing to their next game. Teammates acknowledge that he might not understand the term.

Tip to everyone: a Joe Thomas reference against a rival will usually yield some pretty good results.

Today's caption contests does not feature a current member of the Browns, but it does serve two purposes: it gives you a chance to see what Peyton Hillis looks like in Chiefs attire, and it gives you another chance to poke fun at some of the storylines from a year ago. Current standings are after the jump.

DBN Caption Contest Standings

Scenery - 2
The New Kardiac Kids - 1