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Daily Dawg Chow (5/28/12)


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Detroit Lions DT Nick Fairley arrested for DUI" ( - "For the second time since the conclusion of the NFL season, Nick Fairley is in trouble with the law. A defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, Fairley was arrested in his hometown of Mobile, Al. early Sunday morning according to FOX 10 of Mobile."
  • "The nightmare of all nightmares: No Brees" (ESPN) - "The title of a project on the division blogs this week is 'Dream/Nightmare scenarios' for each NFL team. When I first received the instructions, I called my boss. I asked about the possibility of taking it one step further. I asked if I could write about the nightmare of all nightmares."
  • "New stadiums are resulting in dramatically increased ticket prices" (PFT) - "As the Falcons continue their efforts to replace the Georgia Dome (which has been deemed obsolete despite being used by the team roughly 200 times) with a retractable-roof venue, Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution points to a trend that should be regarded as troubling in any city that will be opening a new stadium."
  • "Legalizing sports gambling is smartest bet yet" (Yahoo! Sports) - "In the United States of America, it is illegal for a mathematician to sit in his home, fire up his computer and employ his analytical skills in a game of online poker for money. Politicians say it's about protecting him from the ills of gaming or some such nonsense."