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Daily Dawg Chow (5/3/12)


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Junior Seau was San Diego" (ESPN) - "San Diego couldn’t keep its eyes off Junior Seau. There were a few minutes remaining in the first half of the Chargers’ home game against the Denver Broncos this past November when the entire stadium roared."
  • "Junior Seau's death further saddens his 1994 Chargers teammates" (Yahoo! Sports) - "Once again the phones started to ring, former San Diego Chargers from the franchise's lone Super Bowl team calling each other and digesting the news that another one of them was gone. With word that Junior Seau died Wednesday, the number of Chargers who played in the Super Bowl on Jan. 29, 1995, and are now dead, is eight."
  • "Jabar Gaffney heading back to Pats" (ESPN) - "Veteran wide receiver Jabar Gaffney, whose career was revived in 2006 when he signed with the New England Patriots, is returning to the team, he told ESPN's Josina Anderson on Wednesday."
  • "Saints scandal begins to find closure with player suspensions" ( - "Two months to the day after this bombshell of a story first exploded across the NFL, the final shoe finally dropped Wednesday in the Saints bounty scandal. And predictably, it landed with another loud, reverberating thud."