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Ravens LB Terrell Suggs Tears Achilles

LB Terrell Suggs has suffered a torn Achilles.
LB Terrell Suggs has suffered a torn Achilles.

According to reports, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs suffered a torn Achilles and "will likely miss the 2012 season." Per

Suggs was working out and doing drills in Arizona, which is his normal offseason plan. It's a huge blow for the pass-rush hungry Ravens, who will be without the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Suggs registered 14 sacks and 2 interceptions last year. The Ravens drafted outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw in the second round of the draft, but you can't expect him to be the same type of player that Suggs is. ESPN's Adam Schefter also reported that Suggs tore his Achilles, but says that Suggs believes he might not miss the entire season:

Still, at the very least, Suggs should miss the Ravens' Week 4 contest against the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football (which takes place on September 27, 2012). How big of a blow is the loss of Suggs for Baltimore? Could this be the type of thing that costs them a playoff spot?