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Cabot: Leroy Kelly Jr. to Audition for Browns Again

Old-time and modern day Cleveland Browns fans should be familiar with running back Leroy Kelly, who played with the team from 1964-1973. His son, Leroy Kelly Jr, tried out for the Browns back in 2008, but did not get signed by the team. In an article by Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, it is revealed that Kelly is receiving another tryout from the Browns.

Kelly Jr., 27, is an NFL hopeful at safety and returner who will get a tryout with the Browns on Monday, he told The Plain Dealer Wednesday. If they like him, he could stick around for the minicamp June 5-7.

Why would the Browns reach out to Kelly four years later for another tryout when he really has not had much experience with other teams (note: he has played in other leagues, such as the AFL)? It is hard to say, but there has to be something the Browns are intrigued by; I can't imagine they are simply doing this as a favor for the son of a Hall of Famer. If he gets an invitation to training camp, Kelly knows that his father would be ecstatic, though:

"If they brought me into training camp, he'd probably do a back a flip at the age of 72,'' said Kelly Jr. "He's keeping his composure, but I know he's very excited.''

In terms of what position he is trying out for, Kelly says that he'll be happy to go wherever they tell him to:

"I recently got the call from the Browns that they wanted to bring me in for a closer look,'' he said. "I'm not sure what position they have in mind. I can play safety, I can play running back and I can return kicks. If they want me to run to the light post and back, I'll do that. Anything they want.''

It probably does not coincide with the move, but the Browns do have at least one roster spot open after waiving undrafted free agent Mike Allen on Wednesday and not signing anyone else.

Check out the rest of the article for more on Kelly and his aspirations to fulfill his dream to play in the NFL.