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Cleveland Browns Caption Contest (5/31): Alex Mack

caption: A title or brief explanation appended to an article, illustration, or poster.

As rec-worthy as posting a picture of Romeo Crennel (in a Romeo Crennel caption thread, no less) may be, if it's not a caption, it doesn't count. Therefore, the winner of the previous caption contest is none other than myself, as I came up with the following:

Romeo Crennel smiles as he sees a photoshopped picture of himself eating pizza at a Browns press conference.

This was the first caption contest thread I attempted to enter, so it means one of three things: 1) I could post anything, and there's a rec-bias toward me that would make me the winner; 2) several years of practicing captions here and there means I'm good at it; or 3) it was my lucky day. Hmmm...we shall see if I decide to enter any more!

Today's caption contest comes from a photo I found at It features center Alex Mack stretching at Wednesday's OTA session. The caption contest standings are after the jump.

DBN Caption Contest Standings

Scenery - 2
The New Kardiac Kids - 1
Dawg Nuts - 1
Danthrax - 1
BornAKardiacKid - 1
Chris Pokorny - 1