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Getting to Know More About Browns OT Mitchell Schwartz

The Cleveland Browns drafted California offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz with the 37th overall pick in the NFL Draft, and even though veteran Oniel Cousins is on the team, I think you can pretty much pencil Schwartz in as the team's starting right tackle for 2012.

We wanted to know a little bit more about Schwartz, so our SB Nation affiliate, California Golden Blogs, answered some questions about Schwartz, each of which were submitted by members of the Dawgs By Nature community. The questions and answers are after the jump, but you can also enjoy these videos that California Golden Blogs referred us to:

DBN: "How did he handle the transition from LT to RT when he started there?"

Solarise: "I thought it was the other way around. Schwartz started @ RT and was named to all Pac10 frosh team. If I recall correctly many of Jahvid's long runs were bursts through the right side with Schwartz and Matt Summers-Gavin paving the way. Schwartz was asked to switch to LT after Mike Tepper graduated. Being Mitch he never complained and handled the job reliably. Schwartz was by far our best linemen the past two seasons. I admire his work ethic and the way he went about his business."

DBN: "Why do you feel the national scouts (Mayock, Kiper, ect.) didn’t have him graded higher on their big boards as compared to other OL that plummeted?"

OhioBear: "Schwartz wasn't rated higher because he is unspectacular. I don't mean that as a knock. He's just a solid, dependable guy who doesn't wow you with athletic ability. He works hard, shows up, and does his job. He may not have the bling-bling of some of the other tackles in this draft, but you'd be hard pressed to find a smarter or harder working guy."

DBN: "How does he do against very good pass rushers? Is there one pass rusher that gave him trouble in particular?"

Solarise: "In 2010, his first year switching to LT, Schwartz struggled against the very aggressive fronts of USC and OSU. Their DEs didn't overpower him but were quicker and gave him fits one-on-one."

DBN: "I know Schwartz started every game, but was he ever injured? If so, how much of is game was affected when facing other teams?"

Solarise: "Prior to his senior season, Mitch rested to overcome hamstring issues. By fall he was showing no ill effects protecting Zach Maynard. I would think there had to be some nik-nak injuries during his career. But as you've correctly pointed out, Schwartz never let it affect his play and started every game during his college career. He was our Big Fundamental."

DBN: "Who was nastier; Alex Mack or Mitchell Schwartz?"

OhioBear: "I don't think anyone is nastier than Alex Mack."

Thanks again to California Golden Blogs for answering these questions!