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Scott Fujita's alleged involvement in Bountygate not what it appears to be?

Look out, NFL Legal Department, Scott Fujita is coming for you.
Look out, NFL Legal Department, Scott Fujita is coming for you.

With regards to Browns linebacker Scott Fujita, the now infamous scandal dubbed as "Bountygate" just got a lot more interesting. As many already know, last week Fujita was suspended three games for allegedly contributing significant amounts of money to a "bounty" pool during his time with the Saints. But Fujita isn't backing down.

He denied such allegations in an email sent to media outlets:

"I disagree wholeheartedly with the discipline imposed. I've yet to hear the specifics of any allegation against me, nor have I seen any evidence that supports what the NFL alleges. I look forward to the opportunity to confront what evidence they claim to have in the appropriate forum. I have never contributed money to any so-called 'bounty' pool, and any statements to the contrary are false. To say I'm disappointed with the League would be a huge understatement."

At least one teammate isn't backing down either:

Now I'm intrigued. Granted, it's entirely possible that there's nothing to this tweet, but I'm hoping otherwise and not just for the Browns' sake. What is it Scott Fujita knows that might be considered too much? Is there something more to these trumped-up charges? Will we, or better yet, the actual accused players ever see the supposed evidence?