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Holmgren Expands on the Return of Brown Jerseys at Home, and Welcoming Jim Brown

The Cleveland Browns are going to wear brown jerseys at home when the temperature gets cooler this season.
The Cleveland Browns are going to wear brown jerseys at home when the temperature gets cooler this season.

The front office previously revealed that brown jerseys would be making a return in some capacity at home this season after the team wore all white last season. The final question of Mike Holmgren's press conference Thursday afternoon was about the brown jerseys, and Holmgren elaborated on the team's intentions:

(On if the Brown uniforms will return this season)- "Yes, they are. We have this group in the building that monitors all that. I watch for dropped passes and they monitor fashion trends (joking). We really do listen to our fans and the people about that. There are certain things they don't like and then there are certain things they are okay with and certain things they love. The all-white is a historical thing and people like that, but then they missed the brown jerseys. Our owner has a say in this too. What we are doing is at home, where you can make your choice, we are going to have brown and white. The main factor behind that is weather. That's the main factor. Early on when it's hot and teams do that around the league. Unless you have a philosophy that you are going to wear dark at home and light on the road. That was probably the main consideration so at home games we are probably going to split it."

It sounds like the team will wear white when it is still warm, perhaps in September and October, and then brown once it gets colder, perhaps from November onward. I don't know if it makes much of a difference, but if it's an advantage the coaching staff wants to exploit, so be it.

Holmgren was also asked about repairing his relationship with Hall of Famer Jim Brown:

(On if there are efforts to reach out to Jim Brown and mend that relationship)- "It’s an interesting thing. Jim is one of my childhood heroes, I’ve said that. He was a fabulous player. I think when I came in here, my very first press conference, he was the first guy that I shook hands with. How the Browns view Jim Brown hasn’t changed and will never change. I would love to see Jim Brown walk in right now or come to the Legends thing, be a part of this. The NFL Network, bless their hearts, they felt the need to rehash some stuff and because Jim’s role changed here, I could see where he got a little upset with me, perhaps, but I think Trent Richardson is going to be pretty good. Did he really say that? What did he mean? It’s all that kind of stuff. I would like Jim Brown to come and be a part of this and feel comfortable doing that and I would welcome him with open arms."

Will Brown ever come around? I doubt it, unless he gets offered another role within the organization (which, again, seems doubtful, at least to the extent of his previous role).