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Pluto: Little, Watson, and Massaquoi are Top Three Targets

In his weekly Sunday column, the Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto was as fascinated as I was that everyone in the Cleveland Browns front office and on the coaching staff seems to be going out of their way to praise wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. Will the Browns' starting quarterback be able to get him the ball this season to allow him to shine, though?

In one of his recent interviews, team president Mike Holmgren commented that at a recent practice, he saw Massaquoi run about 20 routes, but he was only targeted on one of them. Holmgren hinted that something like this shouldn't happen in practice, and presumably in the game, to make sure you keep your receivers interested and effective.

I'm not sure where he got the data from, but Pluto was able to find out who the team's top three targeted receivers were throughout OTA's and minicamps:

Well, I did some checking, and in all the minicamps and OTAs -- Greg Little was targeted the most with passes. Next was Ben Watson, and right behind came Massaquoi.

In other news, Pluto also feels that the Browns are content with long snapper Christian Yount and punter Reggie Hodges at the moment.