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Around the AFC North (6/17): Steelers Won't Reduce Tender

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at whether the Steelers will reduce Mike Wallace's tender, some more negative news regarding a player on the Bengals roster, and an update on the health of Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Wallace's Tender Won't be Lowered

The Steelers, who have not been in the most ideal salary cap situation, can lower the restricted free agent tender offer they made to their top receiver:

Since Wallace did not sign his tender before June 15, the Steelers have the option of reducing the tender to 110 percent of his previous year's base salary. Wallace earned $525,000 in 2011, so the Steelers could shrink his tender to $577,500, a reduction of $2.165 million. That's more than he made during his first three seasons in the NFL combined.

The Steelers have said that they will not lower their tender offer, though. Wallace is still seeking elite-receiver money, reportedly along the lines of what Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson are making.

Cincinnati Bengals: Pacman Jones Owes Money from Tennessee Days

Looking at how much he is making now, I'm not so sure that Pacman Jones is going to be able to repay this debt any time soon:

It appears that the past demons of Adam "Pacman" Jones have reared their ugly head again. According to famed news/gossip site, TMZ, a Nevada court ruling is forcing Adam Jones to pay approximately $11 million in damages for the infamous strip club shooting that occurred in 2007. The money that Jones owes will be paid to the two security guards that were shot in the incident--Aaron Cudworth and Thomas Urbanski.

Jones is only making the veteran minimum right now.

Baltimore Ravens: Terrell Suggs Updates on His Injury

Suggs spoke about his progress rehabbing from his Achilles Tendon injury, how he actually hurt it and when he might return to play again. He is in a walking boot, no longer needing crutches and adamantly denies the report that the injury occurred during a charitable basketball game. While he originally stated he would be back on the playing field by November, he now says he will return in 2012 but will not commit to when he will return.

I don't think Suggs will return unless the Ravens make the postseason.