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MMQB: Eagles and Packers Should Try to Get Colt McCoy

In his weekly edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, Sports Illustrated's Peter King had two bullet points on quarterback Colt McCoy, given the recent rumors that the team might be shopping him for a trade. The first bullet point says why Cleveland should keep him, while the second bullet point says why teams like Philadelphia and Green Bay should try to acquire the former third-round pick.

6. I think the Browns should hang onto Colt McCoy. I do like Brandon Weeden, but how sure a thing is he? And if he plays poorly over the next two years, you're happier with Seneca Wallace than Colt McCoy? I'm not.

7. I think if I'm Andy Reid or Mike McCarthy, I'm calling Cleveland GM Tom Heckert and sending a 2013 sixth-rounder to Cleveland for McCoy. Perfect backup quarterback who, in time, might be good enough to start for your team for multiple seasons. Take out the tape of his game at Pittsburgh last season, before he got blasted by James Harrison, and tell me he doesn't have the poise, decision-making and presence to have a chance to be a good player.

I'm not sure I even want to consider the first bullet point (Weeden struggling so much that we need to go back to McCoy). If Weeden is that bad, though, it won't be about turning to the backup -- it'll be about finding the team's next starter through the draft or free agency. I am treating the McCoy vs. Wallace debate as "who would I rather see come in for spot duty?"

Regarding the second bullet point, I see why McCoy would be a good backup quarterback for Philadelphia or Green Bay. What I don't see, however, is how McCoy "might be good enough to start for multiple seasons" for a team like the Packers. Aren't they pretty committed to that Aaron Rodgers guy?