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Joshua Cribbs Taking on the Challenge of Proving Himself Again

Over at the official team site, an interview with Cleveland Browns wide receiver/kick returner Joshua Cribbs was posted. Cribbs was upbeat about the progress of the West Coast Offense from organized team activities and minicamp. During those sessions, we heard about a handful of returners who were taking reps at kick returner and punt returner besides Cribbs. Cribbs talked about the competition he is facing this season and how he wants to rise to the challenge:

"We have a lot of good returners that are right up my back pushing me out the door," Cribbs said with a smile. "That’s how I have to look at it though, like I did to the guys in front of me, there’s always going to be a young guy who’s faster and who makes less. I have to prove myself all over again, why I’m worth it and play all of the positions at a high level, try to make sure if I am not there, then there is a huge void they have to fill. They have to put five guys in my position just to cover me, so I have to make myself more useful to the football team."

Cribbs also expressed confidence in his ability as a receiver, saying he'll catch anything thrown his way and still wants to prove the naysayers wrong.