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Cleveland Browns RB Trent Richardson - Interview by SB Nation

We have seen a couple of interviews by SB Nation of Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson. Here is another one that features Richardson being interviewed by SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson at the Rookie Premiere a few weeks ago. At the beginning of the video, Richardson notes that he is representing "Dawgs By Nature." Awesome. For those who want the cliff notes version, I have posted a brief summary after the jump.

  • Favorite Part of Rookie Premiere Week? Getting to talk to the high school kids. His message to them was to never give up on their dreams. He feels that he runs angry in order to prove those wrong who said he wouldn't make it. If he doesn't run through or past somebody, then that's not him.
  • Hardest Thing Transitioning from College to Pro? It's hard to say, but he assumes that adjusting to the speed of the game will take some getting used to.
  • He's Been a Warm Weather Guy...How Will he Adjust in Winter Months? He just has to make sure his body is prepared ahead of time. And, when the time comes, have a good thermal jacket prepared.
  • What Does he Know About the City of Cleveland? He knows that Clevelanders are hungry and have been waiting to win. The last thing the city had for real was LeBron. Cleveland is the closest you can get to being a college-like atmosphere in terms of the fan base.
  • Does He Want to be "The" Athlete for the City? Yes, he's ready to take it on. He'll carry the team if he's called upon too, but it's still always a team sport too.
  • What is He Most Looking Forward to in the NFL? Going up against the big-name guys or players he knows, like Ray Lewis, Terrence Cody, and Courtney Upshaw.
  • From Now Until the First Game of the Season, What's His Life Going to be Like? Training hard, trying to find a house, making sure his mom has the best doctors for her cancer, and finding a school for his daughter.

He concluded the interview by reflecting on the story of him taking a girl to prom and the aftermath of her situation.