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PFT: Browns Have 4th Highest Cap Space Available

According to Pro Football Talk, as of June 22, the Cleveland Browns have $17.7 million available in cap space, which is the fourth highest amount in the NFL. The three teams with more cap space include the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Two teams within in the division, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, have had to make salary cap related moves over the past year or so. Here is how the Browns currently stack up compared to the rest of the AFC North:

Cleveland Browns: $17.70 million (4th most)
Cincinnati Bengals: $16.58 million (5th most)
Pittsburgh Steelers: $3.58 million (26th most)
Baltimore Ravens: $606,000 (32nd most)

You can see why Baltimore can't exactly go out and buy a replacement for Terrell Suggs. Cleveland still has room to add a free agent if they so choose to, but it sounds like they will continue trying to reward their core players with new contracts or wait until they are on the verge of contending before making a big-time splash in free agnecy.