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Doerschuk: Comparing Weeden's Age to Others

Steve Doerschuk from the Canton Repository posted an article on Sunday that compared Brandon Weeden's age when he was drafted to the quarterbacks who have been drafted in round one over the past seven years. The post by Doerschuk was not meant to spark the age debate again, but rather to have some fun comparing how his age stacks up to his peers.

Click here for the full list of quarterbacks. Some facts:

  • Brandon Weeden was the oldest quarterback when drafted at age 28.
  • The next highest age when drafted was 23, most recently by Ryan Tannehill.
  • Most quarterbacks were 22 years old when drafted. The youngest during the stretch was Alex Smith, who was only 20.
  • There are 22 other quarterbacks listed as being younger than Weeden who were first round picks since 2005. Only four of those 22 players, Jason Campbell, Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler, and Vince Young, are currently older than Weeden. Side note: has Young really been in the league that long, having accomplished as little as he has? Doerschuk notes how Aaron Rodgers has been in the NFL for eight years, but is still younger than Weeden.

We keep saying Weeden is 28, but long before the end of the 2012 NFL season, he'll be 29. I could care less, as long as he steps up and helps the Browns start winning.