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Roesenthal: Joe Haden Poised for Pro Bowl Season

Over at, Gregg Rosenthal is picking one player from each team who he believes is poised to have a breakout or Pro Bowl type of season. When reviewing the Cleveland Browns, he decided to go with cornerback Joe Haden. Rosenthal says that he already believes Haden has been playing at a high level, but that he has not gotten the proper recognition.

Haden hasn't received his due as a pro for a few reasons. Cornerbacks don't get attention unless they play on a good team or pick off a lot of passes. Haden had six interceptions as a rookie, but none in his second season. He was still a great young player.


Watching Haden on tape, we're most impressed by his competitiveness and versatility. He is a solid run defender. He battles on every play. He should be headed for a Pro Bowl nod. There is a big gulf after the New York Jets' Darrelle Revis and the rest of the cornerbacks in football. Haden has as good a chance as any youngster to fill that gap.