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Florio Suggests the Browns Should Dump McCoy to Avoid Controversy

Imagine Colt McCoy lighting it up in the preseason.
Imagine Brandon Weeden looking lost for the first half of the season, and perhaps getting knocked out of a game.
Imagine the fans starting to call for McCoy to see some action in the starting lineup.

That is the situation that Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio is concerned with when it comes to the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation. I personally think it should be a non-concern for the Browns, but let's take a look at Florio's logic:

The problem is that, by keeping McCoy for too long, the Browns may inadvertently maximize his standing among the fans and the local media, sparking claims that maybe he should be the primary backup to Weeden — or that maybe McCoy should still be the starter.

Not a chance.

While most of the names have changed since 2007, the Browns desperately need to avoid any situation in which McCoy would be playing and Weeden would be watching. When Derek Anderson got the nod five years ago after Charlie Frye (another former third-round pick) was traded after a disastrous Week One showing against the Steelers, Anderson felt zero pressure because everyone assumed he was holding the spot until first-rounder Brady Quinn was ready to play. And then Anderson, who wasn’t forced to look over his shoulder and could relax and play football without obsessing over whether the next incompletion would be his last one, played very well.

By 2008, Anderson was the starter. And then he had something to lose. And lose it he did. And Quinn could never find it, not with Anderson still looming.

I don't see the comparisons being the same. Anderson took over for a guy the Browns were very invested in, and he played well. I know Quinn struggled, but do we really think it was because of his competition with Anderson that he never became a successful NFL quarterback, or hasn't landed a starting job elsewhere?

Maybe the opinions outside of Cleveland are different, but it does not seem like Cleveland fans are very concerned about a quarterback controversy developing at some point between Weeden and McCoy.