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NFL Comeback Player Candidates for 2012

Last year, Cleveland Browns middle linebacker D'Qwell Jackson had a very good season after pretty much being on the shelf for two years. He finished in second place with 15 votes in the Associated Press' Comeback Player of the Year voting; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford came in first place with 21 votes.

Looking into our crystal ball, is there anyone who you think might be a comeback player of the year candidate on the Browns for this upcoming season? I guess you could nominate T.J. Ward as a contender, but he would have to really have a breakout season, considering he played a good portion of last year. Perhaps the best candidate would be defensive end Marcus Benard. I know he isn't exactly a known player in the first place, but he missed most of last season and when he did play, he was a backup. If he broke out as an elite pass rusher out of no where, maybe he gets some recognition.

Over at CBS Sports, they posted a list of the top 10 candidates around the league who they could see being a comeback player in 2012. The list is a mixed back. For example, there is no way I would put Brandon Marshall on the list after the production he had in 2011. Even a guy like Chris Johnson is tough to put up there; I know he struggled by his standards, but unless he has a 2,000 yard season or something, I wouldn't consider him. I like seeing Chad Ochocinco on the list, because he has a chance to re-invent himself after being under the Bill Belichick leash a year ago.

What do you think? Are there any players on the Browns, or across the NFL, who you think could be comeback player of the year candidates for 2012?