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DBN Training Camp Coverage Schedule

Last year, we were unable to do our annual month-long training camp preview in July because of the lockout. How could we preview everything when we were more concerned about the oddity of free agency taking place just before training camp? With offseason programs returning to normal this year, it's time to lay out a "rough" schedule for the next several weeks (after the jump).

Part 1: Offensive Attack

  • Quarterback (July 1 to July 2)
  • Running Back (July 3 to July 5)

Part 2: Down in the Trenches

  • Defensive Line (July 6 - July 8)
  • Offensive Line (July 9 - July 11)

Part 3: See Ball, Catch Ball...and Block

  • Wide Receiver (July 12 - July 14)
  • Tight End (July 15)

Part 4: Hard Hitting and Klutch Kicks

  • Linebacker (July 16 - July 18)
  • Special Teams (July 19)

Part 5: Cover the Field

  • Safety (July 20 - July 21)
  • Cornerback (July 22 - July 24)

Part 6: Pre-Camp Huddle

  • Wrapping everything together before training camp starts, including more roster projections and other special features to get you ready for training camp. (July 25 - July 27)

Part 7 Onward: Training Camp Begins

  • Mark your calendars: on July 28, training camp (the one that is open to the public) officially begins for the Cleveland Browns.

If anybody would like to contribute a special "article" during a specifically-themed part (i.e. a focus piece on one particular player, statistical analysis, feel-good article), send me an email with your idea and I'll try to let you know the best date to post it. Pretty much all topics are open. The article(s) do not need to be extraordinarily long, and you don't need to write more than one article. If you're interested, pitch your idea to me in the comments section below.

Also, if you don't feel like writing, please leave suggestions for potential pieces you would like to see over the next few weeks.