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Another Former Brown Lands in Kansas City; Update on Leroy Kelly Jr.

Another former member of the Cleveland Browns has joined the Kansas City Chiefs; this time, it is safety Abram Elam. The members of Arrowhead Pride believe that Elam will be a backup for them, which would be a step down for him after starting in Cleveland for two years and in Dallas last season:

"In the NFL, you have to be interchangeable with the way things motion and guys move around, so I consider myself a safety that can play both spots," Elam said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. This allows Elam to be a backup at both safety positions, giving the Chiefs more -- buzz word alert -- versatility.

Elam joined the Browns one year after Romeo Crennel left the team, so there is not a former connection there. However, former Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and Elam were both with the Browns from 2009-2010. Daboll is now the Chiefs' offensive coordinator.

In other news, Mary Kay Cabot provided an update on Twitter regarding Leroy Kelly Jr., who received a tryout with the team today:

# Browns tried out safety Leroy Kelly Jr. today, but he left without contract. Told him they'd review film, which really means bye.

So, according to Cabot, it doesn't look like Kelly will be added to the roster. We'll see if the team adds another body before minicamp begins tomorrow, since they still haven't filled the roster spot that was vacated when cornerback Mike Allen was cut last week.