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Phil Dawson Returns in Fashion; Just Misses a 70-Yarder

"I'm a beast, now give me my money."
"I'm a beast, now give me my money."

Besides Joe Thomas, I don't know if there is anyone more bad ass on the Cleveland Browns than kicker Phil Dawson. He is getting ready to endure his 14th season with the team, even though most of them have been as part of a fourth-place finishing team. Dawson decided to return in fashion to the team's offseason program on Tuesday. It was the first day of mandatory minicamp; he had skipped the team's two previous organized team activity sessions. Instead of showing some signs of rust, he was booting the football through the uprights with ease. In fact, according to media reports, he just barely missed drilling a field goal from 70 yards. From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Dawson, who signed his tender as the team’s franchise player in March, didn’t look rusty. His 70-yard field goal attempt fell about 2 yards short this afternoon toward the end of practice. He also made a 53-yard attempt.

"I forgot how much being away reenergizes me, so that when I come back it’s ready to rock and roll," said Dawson, who has spent this offseason with his family in Austin, Texas. "So I’m truly excited to be here and it’s fun to get some live reps, see where I’m at and that kind of thing. Today was fun."

Like he has done in the past, Dawson also talked about how he would like to finish off his career as a member of the Browns.