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What is Your Favorite Cleveland Browns Highlight of All Time?

As part of a campaign being run by Samsung, we are polling the members of the Dawgs By Nature community on what your favorite Cleveland Browns highlight of all time is? After the jump, I will mention a few highlights that stand out in my head from the post-1999 team; I will leave it to the older crowd to talk about some of the greatest moments prior to that. Remember, it does not have to necessarily be an "important" moment (i.e. winning a playoff game), but rather a memorable one to you.

In no particular order:

  • Phil Dawson's long-distance field goal against Buffalo in a blizzard. It might not have been a pretty game offensively, but we may never get to experience a game with those conditions again. For Dawson to deliver on that kick, and to hear Gus Johnson screaming in the background? Priceless.
  • The Browns stopping Warrick Dunn at the goal line on fourth down against the Atlanta Falcons. I know the "Run William, Run" highlight was a big one too, but the image I remember most from this game was our defensive players sprinting away from the goal line after the tackle, knowing we just set ourselves up for an opportunity to make the playoffs.
  • The Hail Mary tip to Kevin Johnson. I could have been heartbroken that I did not get to see this live on the television, but I was in a vehicle in Cleveland and heard the excitement on the radio. The best moment was looking over at the driving car next to us and seeing a family that was just as excited as we were, tooting their horn and nearly jumping up and down.
  • The Hail Mary catch by Quincy Morgan from Tim Couch against Jacksonville. I don't know what it is about the Jags, but we always have some wacky finishes against them. This one had a positive spin for Cleveland, and this time I actually got to witness the Hail Mary live on television. I have never seen a defense play a Hail Mary pass as bad as Jacksonville did, though. How is there one-on-one coverage in the corner of the end zone on an obvious Hail Mary attempt?
  • Phil Dawson's double doink against the Baltimore Ravens. This one was unique in that there were emotions of devastation, rage, and then excitement all within a span of a few minutes. This is another case where we may never see a field goal decision overturned, but at least the officials got it right.
  • Brian Schafering and Scott Paxson taking Ben Roethlisberger out of a good portion of last year's game, and making him suffer the rest of the season. It was a clean play by our defensive linemen.
  • Derek Anderson's overtime run against the Kansas City Chiefs. This was before we discovered how inaccurate of a quarterback he was, but I think he gained a lot of supporters with his heroic sprint up the sideline to set up a game-winning field goal.

I could go on-and-on with some more highlights, but for whatever reason, these are the seven that immediately stood out to be when I started writing this post. You don't need to go crazy and mention all of your favorite highlights; just choose one at least, even if it is something you think others would find silly (for example, I bet not many of you would've listed Anderson's run, but it was awesome at the time for me).