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Filed under: Browns Have 3rd Most Cap Space

A few weeks ago, we posted that the Cleveland Browns had the fourth highest cap space available in the NFL at $17.7 million. Those numbers came from Pro Football Talk and were supposedly close to accurate as of June 22. Over at today, Brian McIntyre posted each team's available cap space, stating that the information came from a source with access to NFL salary-cap data.

Cleveland's number remained about the same, except posted amounts that were not rounded. According to the article, Cleveland has $17,774,764 available, which is the third highest cap space in the league. The team that dropped out of the top four on's list was the Philadelphia Eagles, whose amount shrunk from $18.02 million to about $15.9 million. They signed veteran safety O.J. Atogwe and first-round pick Fletcher Cox near June 20, so maybe those were the difference makers. Once Cleveland signs Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson, they will probably fall a couple of spots on the list.