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Schefter: Players Who NFL Executives Compared Josh Gordon To

A few days ago, Adam Schefter posted a mailbag session over at ESPN. Nobody must have read it until Wednesday (including myself), because that's when other media outlets picked up on these little nuggets that Schefter had about wide receiver Josh Gordon:

"One NFL executive told me Gordon has Randy Moss-like talents. Another said Gordon is a faster Brandon Marshall. So the talent definitely is there. He gives the Browns a big, downfield threat. But there also are major questions about his maturity, decision-making and determination. Gordon now will have a chance to answer those questions. If he takes his new job seriously and grows up, he can be a big-time difference maker. It's up to him."

This guy is going to be hyped up so much that you hope fans aren't let down if/when he doesn't light it up right off the bat. If we have to be patient for Gordon to display "Moss-like talents" or develop into a "faster Brandon Marshall," then so be it.