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Daily Dawg Chow (7/19/12)


Cleveland Browns:

  • Cleveland Browns team preview (CBS Sports) - "There is no way to sugar coat how pathetic the Browns offense was last season. Inept is not too strong a description. Less than 14 points per game. Only 20 combined passing and rushing TDs. There is no place to go but up for this group, and they will need immediate impact from this rookie class in order to pull it off."
  • "Browns defensive line depth to be tested" (FS Ohio) - "As the Browns prepare to embark upon their second season under Pat Shurmur there are many questions that remain. With training camp opening Sat. July 28, we're going to take a position-by-position analysis of the current roster as the team heads to camp over the next two weeks."
  • "RG3′s deal shows the way for the Browns and Trent Richardson" (WFNY) - "Thank goodness for Robert Griffin III. The guy who says all the right things seems pretty intent on going to the next level and actually doing the right things as well."
  • "When to draft Trent Richardson?" (ESPN) - "Shortly after the Cleveland Browns drafted Trent Richardson with the third overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, Jim Brown was quoted as saying he thought the running back was 'ordinary' and that he saw nothing outstanding about him."