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Chad Ochocinco is No More -- Chad Johnson is Back

Chad Johnson is Chad Johnson again.
Chad Johnson is Chad Johnson again.

You can forget about calling him Chad Ochocinco -- the former Bengals receiver (and current Dolphin) has officially changed his name back to Chad Johnson, according to Jeff Darlington of

Johnson was in the Broward County courthouse Monday for a hearing in courtroom 822 at 8:45 a.m., finalizing a process that allowed him to legally change his name back to Johnson. He originally changed his name to Ochocinco on Aug. 8, 2008.

ESPN had more details on the reason Johnson pushed to get his name changed this year: reported Monday that Johnson officially changed his name back due in part to his marriage to Evelyn Lozada. The pair preferred Lozada's last name to be a real name rather than the gimmick last name Johnson had adopted several years ago, the report said.

"I'm refocused and locked in. Time to get back to the old me," he told by phone Monday, adding that his uniform will say 'Johnson.' "I'm just doing it for the marriage. It has nothing to do with football. Ochocinco is still in me. It's just my middle name."

While not officially confirmed, it sounds as though "Ochocinco" will remain his middle name, and will certainly be a nickname for the show-boating receiver as long as he is still playing in the NFL. I'm glad the guy changed his name back to Johnson -- what about you?