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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Dates for Rookies and Veterans

Here are a few simple dates to keep in mind for Cleveland Browns training camp this week:

  • Tuesday, July 24th: Rookies will report to camp for team meetings.
  • Wednesday, July 25th: Rookies will practice in the afternoon from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM.
  • Thursday, July 26th: Veterans will report to camp for team meetings.
  • Friday, July 27th: The first full-squad practice will take place (time unknown), closed to the public.
  • Saturday, July 28th: Training camp officially opens to the public. The first practice will have helmets only (on the players' heads, of course), and most of the practices after that will be in full pads. The complete schedule for training camp sessions open to the public can be found here.

If anyone will be attending the training camp sessions regularly this year, I would welcome any observations or photos that you would like to contribute to Dawgs By Nature. The really ambitious fan could even have access to our Twitter feed and tweet throughout the practice sessions.

Sources: Fred Greetham of the OBR, and Nate Ulrich of the ABJ.