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Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League 2012

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It's time for the fifth annual Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League, which will be operated through Yahoo! Sports. Last year, there were three leagues taking place on Dawgs By Nature: the "official" one managed by me, the "unofficial" one managed by Jon @ DBN, and the Rebel League. If the demand is high enough this year, maybe we can get a fourth league and have an good, four-way end-of-the-season playoff.

For the moment, this post is specifically about the "official" league. It is not necessarily a superior league to the other ones; it is typically named "official" to help distinguish the fact that it is the one I am participating in. If you would like to join this year, check out the details after the jump.

Official Dawgs By Nature League

I want everyone who is interested in participating in the official league to respond in this thread. I will represent one of the 12 teams again, which means their are 11 spots available. I will give favoritism to some of the community members with more tenure or who have been active in the official league in the past. There's also one guaranteed open invitation to the winner of the "unofficial" league last year, but they can pick any league they want.

Please make your request by the end of the day on Friday, August 3rd, as a comment response to this post! That is the deadline for requesting to get into this league; after that, you'll have to settle on a different league.

On Saturday, I will hand-pick some members to be in the league, and if there are more spots available, I will randomly draw from everyone else who entered the pool. If you feel you are an unknown person around here, please offer a sentence or two explaining why you'd be a good fit for the official league.

Once we settle on who is in the league, we'll have more posts to decide the date/time of the draft, league rules, etc. Only participate if you can fully commit to making the draft (tentative: Saturday night, August 25th) and will remain active throughout the season. Also, I am requesting that you only participate in one of the DBN leagues.

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