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Kiper: Questions That Remain in AFC North; Cleveland's Target in 2013

Over at ESPN, Mel Kiper investigated three things for each team in the AFC North: the help they added in the offseason, questions that remain, and which 2013 player could help the team right now. Here is the major question that remained for each team in the division, according to Kiper:

  • Baltimore Ravens: Kiper basically says that the Ravens have been billed as a good pass rushing team, but in reality, they have had trouble getting to the quarterback except for Terrell Suggs. With Suggs out, Baltimore has a lot of uncertainty in this category, which could hurt their secondary as well.
  • Cincinnati Bengals: I'm not really too sure what Kiper did with the Bengals in this category. Instead of mentioning their biggest void, he said that he thinks there is a high ceiling for Cincinnati's pass rush. He also speculated that when the season is all said and done, Cincinnati's defense might be the best in the division.
  • Cleveland Browns: Kiper briefly mentioned the injury to Phil Taylor, but continued questioning the team's talent at wide receiver:
    Greg Little had a pretty solid rookie year, with 61 catches and more than 700 yards, when you consider how average this pass offense was in 2011. While he had some consistency issues, that's not unexpected from a guy who didn't play a down in 2010. The question is whether he and Mohamed Massaquoi are enough for Weeden. If Little doesn't take the next step, wide receiver becomes a big need headed into the 2013 draft.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers are old on defense, and Kiper wonders if any of the young players, like Cameron Heyward, will step up to be major contributors.

I'm not too keen on the 2013 draft class right now, but Kiper listed one player form next year's class who he believes would help the team right now:

Da'Rick Rodgers, WR, Tennessee - One of the top junior wideouts in college football, Rodgers is an upgrade over Massaquoi.

Would this hypothetically be a good addition for Cleveland?