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NFL Training Camp Reporting Dates Announced

Even though the Cleveland Browns training camp schedule was unveiled in June, those were only the dates that were open to the public. Today, the NFL announced when each team will require their rookies and veterans to report to training camp.

The Browns' rookies will report to training camp on Tuesday, July 24. That means that we need first-round picks Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson to sign on the dotted line over the next two and a half weeks. The entire team will report to training camp on Thursday, July 26. Two days later, on Saturday, July 28, training camp will be open to the public.

Training camp has actually started already for one NFL team. Believe it or not, Buffalo Bills rookies were required to report to camp today. The good folks at Buffalo Rumblings, our Bills affiliate, aren't quite sure why their rookies have to report so early, or what type of advantage it offers.