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Pat Shurmur News Conference: Day 19 of Training Camp


Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur met with the media after Day 19 of training camp to talk about the possibility of not placing Chris Gocong on IR, how Brandon Weeden is expected to improve, the addition of DT Ronnie Cameron, and more. After the jump, Shurmur's news conference is organized by topic. Don't forget to check out our report on Day 19 of training camp.

Opening Statement & Claiming DT Ronnie Cameron

(Opening Statement)- "We have a new player, as you know, we claimed Ronnie Cameron. We claimed him off waivers, he was at Chicago. He played at Old Dominion. He was a player that we liked in the draft so we’ll bring him in to add depth and competition to the inside of the crew. Unfortunately, we had to practice inside. I think it was the smart thing to do with the weather the way it is. Just like anything players need to learn how to do it inside with close quarters and lots of bodies. We worked on the red zone. We’ll solidify who’s going to be playing in the game here this afternoon based on some of the guys that are nicked up and we’ll get ready to go play Green Bay."

(On if claiming Ronnie Cameron was related to Scott Paxson’s injury)- "I think we needed some more depth there. It’s based on all things defensive line."

Updates on Mohamed Massaquoi & Marcus Benard

(On if Mohamed Massaquoi will be available to play Thursday)- "Maybe, he might play."

(On if Marcus Bernard is in the same category as Massaquoi)- "He might play as well, yeah."

(On if there was anything specific about Ronnie Cameron that they liked)- "We thought he was a good player versus the run as well as generating pass rush inside. We’ll get him in here, get him up and running and hopefully he’ll be able to contribute."

Playing Time Questions for Packers Game

(On who the number two quarterback will be Thursday)- "Colt (McCoy) will go in second. He’ll play second."

(On the biggest reason why McCoy will be the second quarterback in again this week)- "There is no big reason. That’s just the way I want to do it."

(On if he has settled on who all is going to play Thursday)- "We’re going to finalize that here this afternoon. As you know, there have been guys in and out of practice. Some of the guys that practiced today may not play, I’ll give you that, that have been out for a while. But then there are other guys that we will see more of, so now that we have kind of got our practice in for the week, we’ll know more in detail the health of our guys as we move forward we’ll finalize that today."

(On if it is tougher to game plan with so many players out)- "No, I don’t think so. I think we have plenty of offense and defense to go execute and play."

(On Jordan Cameron’s situation and if missing time might ruin his positive momentum)- "No, it’s very simple. He needs to get back on the practice field to continue his development. I don’t think it’s set him back at all. He did some good things in the game the other night, but he needs to get back out here to practice which he will very soon."

Expecting Improvement from Brandon Weeden

(On what he would like to see Brandon Weeden make a jump in this week)- "He’s going to play more of the game. I think in all the preseason games you would like to see efficiency. You like to see completions. You like to see if the ball is thrown down field, again you get completions. You obviously want to score points, but you want to see the quarterback, of course, manage scoring drives and do it efficiently."

(On if he thinks Brandon Weeden’s chemistry with the receivers is improving)- "I think the receivers and the quarterbacks get used to working together more and more as they work together more and more. I think generally speaking, you either move through your progression or you make a little tighter throw, all the stuff that happens."

(On what concerns him about Weeden’s first exposure zone blitzing on the NFL level)- "I think the zone blitz has principles to it different to it then say man pressures, because there are some UFO’s flying around and the defensive line dropping out. But he faced it in college. Everybody at most levels of football will have some type of man pressure as well as zone pressure, so it’ll be one of his first experiences at this level of course."

(On if zone blitzes stresses the quarterback more than anyone else on offense)- "I wouldn’t say so. I think picking up and blocking pressures is a team thing, whether they’re playing man coverage or zone coverage behind it."

(On how Weeden’s demeanor has been bouncing back from a less than great first game)- "I don’t know. You guys are painting his performance as less than whatever number one. Number two, I think he’s a very resilient guy so when he has a bad play, or two or a bad series or two, I see him bounce back extremely well."

(On if Weeden has been more determined in practice this week)- "I notice the same Brandon, but in my opinion I think it’s very, very soon to start characterizing good and bad."

(On if the game is slowing down for Brandon Weeden at a greater rate than expected)- "We’ll have more to talk about after the Packer game, but I saw in the last game that this thing is not too big for him if that’s what you’re asking. That’s an industry term, ‘the game is slowing down,’ but I think there wasn’t anything out there that surprised him or he didn’t see. I think generally speaking he included, we just need to execute better."

Dropped Passes During Tuesday's Practice

(On if he’s seen improvement on dropped passes)- "I have. I think today we dropped more than I was used to seeing here the last couple days."

(On if he attributes the dropped passes to practicing indoors today)- "No, it has nothing to do with where we practice. You have to catch the football. If they had been doing it consistently all along, and it creeps up in a practice or two, we as coaches emphasize it, and they get back on the stick."

Improving the Run Defense & Mitchell Schwartz Being Precise

(On what they have to do to improve the run defense this week)- "We have to play better team defense. Again, I’ve been saying it all along, you want to stop the run more, so at the end of the day when you look at the statistics - and that’s what everybody looks at after the game – the run numbers are not where they’re at. I think it’s important on defense that you prevent the score, so let’s keep that in mind as well."

(On if Mitchell Schwartz being a detailed guy will pay off for him)- "I think that’s an important part of his personality. He’s a very detailed guy. He’s very precise. I think that’s what makes him technically pretty sound at what he does. Now, what he encountered the other night was a pretty good pass rush and I saw him working through it as he played the game. He’s a very fine player and I think he’ll continue to improve here through the preseason."

Trent Richardson Continues Rehabbing

(On how Trent Richardson is doing)- "(Trent) Richardson is doing fine. He’s in there rehabbing, rushing back. He’s doing everything in his power to get back quickly."

(On if he will nurse Trent Richardson back from his injury)- "I don’t know about nursing. Again, we’re bouncing around with words today, but basically we’re going to be smart about bringing him back. We will not put him on the field unless he is healthy enough to perform. At that time he’ll be out there and then of course you don’t overwork a guy that is back for the first time so you just be smart about it."

Chris Gocong's Surgery, and the Possibility of Not Putting Him on IR

(On if Chris Gocong had surgery yet)- "Yeah, he did have his surgery last week, Friday, and he’s doing fine."

(On if there is a chance that Chris Gocong will not have to be put on the IR)- "I don’t know about that right now. This is an extended rehab process when you come back from an Achilles surgery. I’d say there is a pretty good chance he won’t be here for the season."