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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns - Official Game Thread (2nd Half)

Before he headed into the locker room for the half, head coach Pat Shurmur was interviewed by WKYC. "All the things that you can't do, we found a way to do it," said Shurmur, with his team down 17-3 to the Eagles. "It's not good enough." Shurmur said that the team is going to make sure they turn things around in the second half. "I don't care who is in there -- the guys in there have got to play well and try to find a way to win the game," said Shurmur. "We did not play well, and we need to get it fixed."


Game: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns
Date/Time: Friday, August 24, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. EST
Local Television: WKYC, Channel 3 (Cleveland) - Bernie Kosar & Jim Donovan
Local Radio: WMMS 100.7 - Doug Dieken, Mike Snyder, & Jamir Howerton