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Official DBN Fantasy Football League is Set

I would like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in joining the Official Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League this season. Unfortunately, there were only 12 spots available, so my apologies to anyone who did not get an invite; trust me, it's nothing personal! Fear not, though -- I believe there will be at least three other leagues.

One of the other leagues will be the "Unofficial" one, managed by Jon @ DBN. He should have more information soon on how he plans on operating that league (he might invite everyone back from last year for all I know). I assume that North Coast Flea will return as the commish for the "Rebel" league.

After the jump are the 11 lucky individuals who will have the privilege of being at my mercy this fantasy season.

Official Dawgs By Nature League

The people who received invitations include:

1. Bernie19Kosar
2. Chris Pokorny
3. DaveDawg09
4. Dawg Nuts
5. Les Fleurs Du Mal
6. macdowellm03
7. notthatnoise
8. rufio
9. shep615 - Email me at so I can invite you.
10. TheDriveStillHurts
11. The Licensed Optimist
12. troy145

Now, it is up to Jon @ DBN and North Coast Flea to determine where we go next! After their leagues fill up, we can get some additional commishioners and players together. We want to keep track of each DBN league this year so we can keep our options open for a tournament of champions of some form.

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