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DBN Map of Where Browns Fans Are Located


A few days ago, Kimble_79 made a FanPost asking where Cleveland Browns fans were located. After all of your responses came in, Kimble input the data (for fans who are located in the United States) into his mapping software. The map is in PDF (zipped) format and you can download it by clicking here or clicking on the graphic above. The .zip file is about 12 MB.

As I scanned over the original thread the past few days, it seemed like there were hardly any members in the Northeast Ohio area (until a few late responses from the Parma/Parma Heights area trickled in). While the map shows that Ohio has the largest cluster of members, it is interesting to see the pockets of fans across the country as members are spread across more than half of the states from coast to coast. After Ohio, it looks like the next few states in terms of population are Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.

Props to Kimble for putting all of this together, and thanks to everyone who participated in being a part of the map!