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Analyzing the Snap Counts in Eagles vs. Browns (Offense)

This year, the Gamebooks that are published following the game now include the number of snaps that each player had on offense, defense, or special teams. Although sites like Pro Football Focus and Football Outsiders have done this in the past, this is a quicker and free alternative to have access to this data. It also allows fans to answer questions like, "did Montario Hardesty even play on offense?" or "what happened to Jordan Cameron?" without having to pause and re-watch every play of the game.

Offensive Line
Joe Thomas Jason Pinkston
Alex Mack
Shawn Lauvao
Mitchell Schwartz
62/62 plays
62/62 plays
62/62 plays
62/62 plays
62/62 plays

The Browns went into the game with only seven offensive linemen active. Although they had their hands full, everyone came away injury free. The offensive line typically plays every snap if there isn't an injury, so no surprises here.

Running Back / Fullback
Trent Richardson
Owen Marecic Brandon Jackson
Montario Hardesty
43/62 plays
20/62 plays
19/62 plays
0/62 plays

Trent Richardson: 19 carries, 39 yards, 2.1 average. 1 catch, 5 yards (3 targets).
Brandon Jackson: 2 catches, 20 yards (4 targets).
Owen Marecic:
0 catches (2 targets).

Thoughts: Well, Richardson certainly played a lot more than everyone expected, right? Right before the game, sideline reporter Andre Knott noted that a source told him Richardson would only see 15-25 snaps. He saw well more than that. The Browns don't use a fullback too often, and Jackson saw all of the work after Richardson. No snaps for Hardesty; I think my pre-camp projection that he'd only play in the event of an injury is coming true.

Wide Receiver
Mohamed Massaquoi
Greg Little
Josh Gordon
Travis Benjamin
Joshua Cribbs
53/62 plays
50/62 plays
43/62 plays
22/62 plays
1/62 plays

Mohamed Massaquoi: 3 catches, 41 yards (8 targets).
Josh Gordon: 2 catches, 32 yards (4 targets).
Travis Benjamin: 1 catch, 12 yards (6 targets). 1 carry, 35 yards.
Greg Little: 0 catches (4 targets).

Thoughts: I guess we can't be too surprised with the distribution here, although I expected Little to have the most snaps. I wasn't sure during the game if Cribbs had gotten in, but he was on the field once. I suspected that I knew which play that was, and I went back and checked. Sure enough, it was the double/triple reverse play in which Benjamin went for 35 yards. Cribbs was the guy who did the final lateral to Benjamin.

Tight End
Alex Smith
Benjamin Watson
Jordan Cameron
28/62 plays
25/62 plays
6/62 plays

Benjamin Watson: 2 catches, 9 yards (2 targets).
Alex Smith: 1 catch, -1 yard (1 target).
Jordan Cameron: 0 catches (1 target).

Thoughts: This is where I was very surprised. After having an awesome camp, Cameron hardly saw the field. To make matters more surprising, Smith saw more reps than anyone at tight end. There are a few factors you could consider here. Watson and Cameron suffered injuries during camp, so their reps may have been limited. Or, in fear of the Eagles' pass rush, Smith could have been used often to offer some assistance in protection. I believe the team also used him in the fullback position a few times. This coaching staff just loves Smith; I should have never projected him to be cut.

Brandon Weeden
62/62 plays

Brandon Weeden: 12-of-35 for 118 yards, 4 interceptions. 2 carries, 25 yards.

Thoughts: I think fans in the stadium wanted this percentage to be lower by the end of the game, but you can't hit the panic button yet. We are riding Weeden through these hardships, and unless he gets hurt, McCoy will not see the field.

When I have time, I'll do a wrap-up of the defensive snaps. Would you like to see these type of posts every week?