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Pick 6 Fantasy Football on DBN - Results & Week 2 Reminder

Last week, we introduced you to Pick 6 Football, brought to you by SB Nation. The concept of the game is simple: each week, you pick six players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, FLEX) using a $120 budget. You have to budget wisely, though -- some players are expensive, some players are average-priced, and others are bargains.

Last week, Dawgs By Nature came in 13th place across all the NFL blogs in terms of how many members played the game. In total, we had 64 players participate. Let's try to get more of the community involved this week!

A special congratulations to Matt Wood, who came in first place on the Dawgs By Nature Leaderboard for Week 1. Not only did he finish atop the DBN Leaderboard, he cracked the top ten of the overall leaderboard across the network. Out of over 2,500 participants, Matt came in 7th place. Come on, guys -- we want one of our members near the top of the leaderboard each week! After the jump is a brief explanation as to how Matt's team succeeded, and the top five finishers for DBN in Week 1.

Rank Player Score
1 Bernie19Kosar 103.5
2 rufio 89.1
3 BornAKardiacKid 88.8
4 nickjs21 88.8
5 troy145 86.3

I finished in 44th place. Part of my downfall was that I picked Evan Royster from the Redskins, because I thought he'd be there starting running back. Somehow, as you can see below, Matt knew to pick Alfred Morris ($0.50) as his flex guy, which was instrumental in his victory.

Matt Wood's Week 1 Team

Position Player Price Points
QB Aaron Rodgers $51.00 23.8
RB Kevin Smith $15.00 21.1
WR Stevie Johnson $0.50 11.5
TE Jimmy Graham $48.25 14.5
K Jason Hanson $0.75 11.0
FLEX Alfred Morris $0.50 21.6
Total: 103.5

Now that Week 1 is over, it's time to set your Week 2 lineups! Feel free to talk about last week's results or some of the strategies you are shooting for this week.