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Thursday Night Football: Can't Take a Breather!

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The NFL is no longer just about Sundays. It has become an all-week event. Gone are the times where you would let everything inside of you build up the whole week until you could get your next dose of football. Now, after one week's conclusion on Monday Night, Week 2 begins just three days later on Thursday Night Football.

Are you in favor of this year's schedule change? I am a sucker for the NFL, so I enjoy having more days during the week with football (over the past few years, Thursday games did not start until past the half-way point of the season). The one thing that will definitely take time getting used to is making sure a few critical fantasy football decisions are made ahead of time. I used to always wait until Saturday or Sunday morning to make my decisions, but now I'm making them several days earlier.

Tonight's game features the Chicago Bears taking on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on NFL Network. It is a very intriguing matchup to kick off Thursday football in 2012. The Bears are coming off a solid offensive performance a week ago, while the Packers matched their regular season loss total in Week 1 when they fell to the 49ers. They are also expected to be without receiver Greg Jennings on a short week. Speaking of short weeks, is that a positive or a negative for teams? They play two games within a few days of each other, but they also get an extended rest before the following week's game.

We'll have an official game thread each Thursday this season, so if you have nothing better to do on Thursday nights, hop on to Dawgs By Nature and join in on the discussion. Don't forget to set your PICK 6 FOOTBALL before the start of Thursday night's game, otherwise you'll have to wait until Week 3 to compete again!