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DawgCast: Buffalo Week

This week's DawgCast is packed.

Right out of the gates, Jon Stinchcomb joins me to take a look back at the Bengals game, talk fantasy football and we also start breaking down the upcoming Bills game. I am also joined by Mike Spainer, a locked-out NFL Line Judge. As I mentioned before, out of respect for their situation, I did not ask him about the lock-out, or the replacement officials.

And finally, I had the pleasure of talking to Brian Galliford from Buffalo Rumblings. We talk about what team the Browns will see this weekend, and who the Browns should be keeping an eye on during key stretches of the game.

As always, I am open to ideas for upcoming DawgCasts. I'm thinking of doing a round table discussion in which anyone who wants to participate calls and has 30 seconds or 1 minute to answer a centralized question.

Keep the ideas coming, and I hope you enjoy the DawgCast: Buffalo Week