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Dawg Cast: Baltimore Week

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Thursday Night Football this week has the Browns on the road in Baltimore taking on the Ravens.

I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to welcome in Mr Malor from Baltimore Beat Down. A man who many here have an opinion on, but we are talking about a guy with over 20 thousand comments on the Ravens.

We were able to set our disagreements on Art Model aside and give DBN a look at a guy that many people here have yet to truly meet. I'm glad I did. Had fun talking Browns and Ravens and the AFC North.

As always, keep fresh ideas coming. Next week we will try and track someone down for the New York Giants and Rufio will stop by and give us a break down of the rookies like no one else can.

Dawg Cast: Baltimore Week 2012

Steelers suck. Steelers suck. So do the Ravens.