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SB Nation Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Browns Back to the Basement

The Cleveland Browns earned some respect two weeks ago by showing some offensive firepower against the Cincinnati Bengals, which is why they were ranked No. 30 overall. Their terrible start to the game against the Buffalo Bills, coupled with the fact that they are one of two winless teams in the league, made it pretty easy for Joel Thorman to drop them to No. 32 overall in the Week 4 SB Nation NFL Power Rankings. Even though he dropped the Browns, Thorman chimed in a positive comment about the team's promising future compared to other teams:

32. Cleveland Browns (LW: 30, 0-3): They actually have a somewhat bright future, which is more than you can say for some of the other teams this low on the list.

Here is how the AFC North fared in the rankings:

Baltimore: No. 3 (up from No. 6) Rising
Pittsburgh: No. 11 (down from No. 8) Falling
Cincinnati: No. 13 (up from No. 18) Rising
Cleveland: No. 32 (down from No. 30) Falling

Pittsburgh will be joining us soon. I still think there are worse teams than Cleveland, but until they actually win a game, I don't expect the ranking to get out of this spot. The Bengals are a bit too high for my liking, but I agree with Thorman that their upcoming schedule plays to their advantage.

Amy K. Nelson breaks down the SB Nation's NFL Power Rankings below: